Knust on the Bible as authority for moral claims

We can certainly turn to the Bible for guidance on moral issues, but we should not expect to find simple answers to the moral questions we are asking. Sometimes Biblical conclusions are patently immoral. Sometimes they are deeply inspiring. In either case, we are left with the responsibility for determining what we will believe and affirm.

textProfessor Jennifer Knust, of the BU School of Theology faculty, in an interview for BU Today.  Prof. Knust, who is a frequent lecturer in the Core first-year Humanities, will be reading from her new book, Unprotected Texts, this evening at the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Kenmore Square.

Unprotected Texts has been featured in Newsweek, and Prof. Knust is a guest voice this week on The Washington Post’sOn Faith” blog. In The Huffington Post, she talks with fellow BU Professor Stephen Prothero where she says “the Bible continues to be invoked in today’s public debates as if it should have the last word on contemporary American sexual morals,” and that “the only way the Bible can be a sexual rulebook is if no one reads it.”

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