We Beheld Once Again The Stars

Nicolas Porter (CAS ’14), a student in Prof. Kalt’s CC102 seminar, was part of the choir featured in the video above. Nicholas writes:

The song is entitled “We Beheld Once Again The Stars,” by Z. Randall Stroope. It was performed by the 2009 Massachusetts All State Chorus in Boston’s Symphony Hall, which I was a part of at this time. It is a brilliant piece inspired by Dante’s divine comedy. There are three distinct parts of the song, each one based on different parts of the story. The song is difficult to perform because it requires that the chorus be separated into two groups to learn separate parts before being brought together to construct the correct chords and harmonies. Really one of my favorite pieces, if not my absolute favorite piece that I’ve ever performed in my life. Brilliantly written and conducted.”

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