CC106 Ecosystem Challenge Winners

The CC106 Ecosystem Challenge has come to a conclusion and the much-coveted grand prize, an Ecosphere — which has been residing happily and without complaint on Dr. Hudon’s desk, as per the images below — is now moving to a new home. Prof. Hudon writes:

Congratulations to Sloane Williams and Caroline Smith who concocted the winning ecosystem recipe and enabled the longest living shrimp, which was the only ecosystem still living on May 27, 2011. The Ecosphere will now be moving to their choice of residence. Congratulations also to the runners up A.I.R. (Alex, Rebecca and Ismael) and to Shown Johnson’s Gymnasium (Ali Press, Dylan Drolette, Alexis Lamper and Caitlin B.) who each won our second prize “The Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys on Mars”. Your dorm rooms may never be the same. Thanks to all who entered the 2011 CC106 Ecosystem Challenge and best wishes for the summer. — Daniel Hudon



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