Six Quotes: Knust on Genesis

  1. “We can think of Genesis, not as a book with a beginning and an end, but rather as an archive.”
  2. “God’s covenant with Noah is one-sided. God does not ask for anything in return but he makes a rule that no one is to kill each other but the covenant is not dependent on the compliance with this rule.”
  3. “Why is there a constant threat of bareness and famine in Genesis? Maybe because barrenness and famine is a big problem when it is really hard to get the kids born and the crops grown.”
  4. “Women get to be heroines when they are fruitful and multiply.”
  5. “Abraham asks Sarah, his wife, to pose as his sister. First of all: what the heck?! Yet, interestingly enough, she was his half-sister so technically she wasn’t lying.”
  6. “There is a tradition of sexual hospitality behind many of these stories. Yet, many of these stories reflect the problems with these traditions and it seems the authors of Genesis realized that sexual hospitality was not beneficial and they showed these problems with all the patriarchal stories.”

As recorded by Core office employee Winona Hudak during Prof. Jennifer Knust’s discussion of the book of Genesis this week in CC101.

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