Six Quotes: Damrosch on Exodus

  1. “Think of the Bible as Woody Allen’s recipe for chicken salad.”
  2. “The drama of this epic is that at every moment God gives them what they need, and the next moment, they fuck up again.”
  3. “Law is the emotional center of Exodus. The stories exist as the frame FOR the law.”
  4. “Aaron should be like Moses’ chief executive officer. Instead of doing that, he tells the people what they want to hear.”
  5. “Ritual order itself carries with it this weight of trauma history. Ritual order is the heart of the cool stories; it is the heart of the Torah. “
  6. “The wilderness becomes the promised land, if you understand.”

As recorded by Core office employee Sydney Lindberg during Prof. David Damrosch’s discussion of the book of Exodus this morning in CC101.

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