RA Positions: Core House & Core Floor

Core sophomores and juniors who are interested in applying for the position of RA in one of the Core Floors in Warren Towers or in the Core House at 141 Carlton Street (South Campus, just over the St.
Mary’s Street bridge), should note the following application deadlines: If you are planning to study abroad next semester, the deadline is November 18. If you are not planning to study abroad, the deadline is January 19.

Information about these RA positions (along with application materials) can be found at  http://www.bu.edu/reslife. Click on “About Us” then on “Work for Us.” The application  should be available online by November 1. For more information about these positions, consult the “Residence Life” website or  contact Prof. Nelson at nelson@bu.edu. You also can email Emma Rosenthal, who is  currently the Core House RA and served last year as RA on one of the Core floors in Warren Towers, at  emmaro@bu.edu.

This is a terrific opportunity to stay involved in the Core and enjoy all the advantages of being an RA. If you are interested, check it out!

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