Six Quotes: Fried on Plato

Divided Line014

  1. “Socrates is proposing radical censorship so the young receive the right message from a very young age.”
  2. “The best soul will be ruled by reason or calculation. Justice is when each part of the soul — calculating, spiritedness, and desire — is minding its own business.”
  3. “Can you know about politics in the same way a brain surgeon knows about the brain or a pilot knows about a plane?”
  4. “If you don’t know what good is, you don’t know what justice is used for.”
  5. “When you wake up in the morning you trust the floor to support your weight, you trust your toothbrush to clean your teeth; and you trust when you go to class, your teachers will have something to teach you.”
  6. “Sophists are not interested in the truth, but rather in the manipulation of the truth. Today, sophists are what you would call lawyers, doctors, politicians, or lobbyists.”

As recorded by Core office employee Winona Hudak during Prof. Greg Fried’s discussion of The Republic, at the November 22th CC101 lecture.

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