Six Quotes on Democracy

Prof. Samons:

  • “How would Plato describe America? We are primed for tyranny.”
  • “Plato would be so appalled by the television and internet that he would commend us for keeping it together this long.”

Prof. Esposito:

  • “Plato wants to know what Sophocles is trying to teach us in Ajax or Hecuba. It is not quite clear what Sophocles is trying to teach us and it is the uncertainty of the message that Plato is worried about.”
  • “In my opinion, Sophocles knows exactly what he was doing or trying to teach when he wrote Ajax. Ajax is a radical overturning of the Greek moral code; Sophocles wants us to think about the implications of the moral code.”

Prof. Roochnik:

  • “What suffers in a democracy is education because education needs authority and the big problem of democracy is the populaces’ distaste for authority. According to Socrates, this is what leads to the big problems of the city.”
  • “Philosophy, like many disciplines, requires freedom of thought and may in fact flourish within a democracy.”

As recorded by Core office employee Winona Hudak during the December 6th debate on democracy in CC101.

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