Announcing Ecofest 2012

This year’s Ecofest (formerly the Ecolympics) is about to begin!

Ecofest is a week-long series of events to raise awareness about the human footprint on the environment and the consequent species loss. Here are five reasons why you should sign up and participate:

  1. You will have a chance to save our corner of the living universe.
  2. If you don’t, we will all die.
  3. You will have a chance to win an awesomely cool Ecosphere; copies of the Planet Earth DVD set; artistic prints of endangered and extinct species; and other great eco-prizes.
  4. If you don’t, the biosphere will collapse and we will all die.
  5. You will have a chance to set a shining example for the rest of the world.

Events include personal challenges for faculty and students from April 15-22, and public events such as:

  • 4/8 and 4/9, 7pm: “Call of Life,” a film about present mass extinction with discussion and pizza @Rich Hall (4/8) and the Core House (4/9).
  • 4/16, 7pm: “Eco-Slam,” an environmentally themed poetry slam and open mic with former national slam champion Regie Gibson @BU Central.
  • 4/18, noon: “What is Ethology?,” a lunchtime seminar presented by BU Biology faculty member Fred Wasserman @STH 406 (Classics Library, 745 Commonwealth Avenue), RSVP to to reserve a box lunch!
  • 4/19, 6pm: “Saving the Elephants, Saving Ourselves,” a multimedia lecture presented by artist/musician Miranda Loud from Naturestage @KCB 101 (565 Commonwealth Ave).
  • 4/24, 7pm: “What We Talk About When We Talk About Food,” a seminar by Williams College faculty and founding editor of Gastronomica: The Journal of Food and Culture, Darra Goldstein, @ Barrister’s Hall, BU Law School (765 Commonwealth Avenue).

Sign up beginning Monday April 9 @, and tune into for ongoing news.

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