A Gilgamesh-inflected indie film

Yet another film project inspired by a classic Core text!

The Tube Open Movie is an ambitious 3D animated film project inspired by the Assyrian tablets in the British Museum whose fragments are all that we have of the original Gilgamesh story.

The epic centers on the Sumerian king who ruled Uruk, in ancient Iraq, who for his tyranny the gods teach friendship and loss, and through them, the fear of his own death. In the end, the immortality he achieves is different to the one he first seeks. Nearly five thousand years later, Gilgamesh, a woman and a soldier, rushes into a station in pursuit of a fragment of paper blown about by the passing of trains. In an ever-accelerating vortex, her hero’s progress becomes the animation’s own frames.

The project director, Bassam Hurdali, raised over $40,000 in Kickstarter funding earlier this year.  We’ll reach out and see about doing a screening of the film for a Core crowd, when it reaches a nearer stage of completion. In the meantime, teaser clips and other media can be found on the project website.

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