Marginal Note #1: Sassan Tabatabai’s notes on Shakespeare’s King Lear

Core students, faculty, and alumni are invited to contribute to “Marginalia.” This will be a series of images showing how readers relate to their books via underscoring, scribbles, and other forms of mark-up. This first entry in the series comes from Prof. Sassan Tabatabai’s personal copy of King Lear. Click on the image for a larger version.

Source: Core on Pinterest

Each image features a scan of an actual book, complete with margin notes and markings, and has a few of those margin notes called out in the sidebar. If you’d like to allow a page from one of your books to appear in the series, simply scan it (400 dpi, please) and send the resulting image as an email attachment to If you are on campus, just drop by the office and we’ll make the scan while you wait!

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