CC105 Information

To all CC105 students,

Nate and Gayle, your Core Mentors, will be sending out weekly emails summarizing the important topics from the lectures that week, reminding you of assignments and giving you links to some science articles that you may find interesting. The Core Blog will regularly be updated with what is being sent in these emails. For last week:

Important Topics:

  • Physiology of vision
  • Specifically the structure of cells within the retina and how that is advantageous or disadvantageous
  • Lateral Inhibition
  • Spikes
  • Top down and Bottom up processing
  • Factors influencing perception of environment


  • You should have a topic idea for your paper ready for your discussion tomorrow!

Interesting Articles:

  • “DNA Test for Rare Disorders Becomes More Routine”, New York Times:
  • “As Wolves’ Numbers Rise, So Does Friction Between Guardians and Hunters”, New York Times:
  • “The genomic signature of dog domestication reveals adaptation to a starch-rich diet”,Nature

If you have any questions, email Nate ( or Gayle (!!


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