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To all CC105 students,

Nate and Gayle, your Core Mentors, have been sending out weekly emails summarizing the important topics from the lectures that week, reminding you of assignments and giving you links to some science articles that you may find interesting. The Core Blog is regularly updated with what is being sent in these emails. For the last week before spring break:

Important Topics:

  • Electromagnetic waves (light) (review)
  • Speed of light (review)
  • Refractive index
  • v=μ
  • Differential absorption of wavelengths in H20
  • Reflection and refraction
  • H20 as a medium
  • Snell’s window
  • Blue Jay search images
  • Spatial resolution
  • Pit viper and the debate of whether their “pits” allow them to see in the infrared
  • Flicker fusion as a visual illusion


  • Prof. Atema’s lectures have been updated. Please download them again. Slides marked with stars will be important to study for the exam.
  • Important changes to Labs 3 & 4: Lab 3 will meet on April 3, not March 20; Lab 4 will meet on April 17, not April 10. Here is the updated schedule:

Lab I, Feb. 6: Simulating natural selection and building phylogenies
Lab II, Mar. 6: Sensory biology
Lab III, Apr. 3: Ecology and behavior of isopods
Lab IV, Apr. 17: Biosphere I: Building an ecosystem
Lab V, Apr. 24: Biosphere II: Analysis of an ecosystem”

Interesting Articles:

If you have any questions, email Nate ( or Gayle (!!

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