Alumni Profiles: Doug Herman

Source: Doug's website.

(Core ’06, CAS ’08)

  • Years at Boston University: from 2004-2008 (double major in Linguistics and Classics, minor in French).
  • Current location: Strasbourg, France.
  • Company and Title: Freeman Financial Translation.


  • Recent activities: Doug writes:

I work at a small, client-focused language services firm specialising in corporate communications. My main duties there involve translation, document review and project management.

  • Benefits of the Core: Doug writes:

Being genuinely curious and widely inquisitive is very important for translators. Without the Core I might not be doing what I do today.

  • Hobbies or interests that started at the Core and have continued to become life-long interests:

My Core experience has undeniably followed and supported me ever since I finished college. Not a day goes by that I do not draw on the cultural, historical, scientific, and critical thinking skills that I learned thanks to the Core.

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