Alum Advice: Prescription #1

We asked our Core Alumni what succinct advice they could offer to new Core students as strategies for success in CC101.

Here are some highlights:

A wise man, Brian Jorgensen, once said, “Read the books, go to class.” I remember those words at my first CC101 lecture in Fall 1996.
~ Kim Santo (Core 1998, CAS/SED 2000,)

Ask questions and never stop. Talk to your professors and get to know them. Writing tutors are helpful as is Zak. Be unafraid to think for yourself and accept any and all challenges.
~ Amiel Adrian B (Core 2007, CAS 2009)

I came to this very realization last night, that Core set me on the path I still walk, all those years ago and it changed my life. Read the books. Go to class. Do the work. And don’t give up. Ask questions. Get clarification. Welcome feedback. You will be amazed at the connections that will appear to you.
~ Melissa Sapienza Waelchli (Core 1998, CAS 2000)

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