Alum Advice: Prescription # 3

We asked our Core Alumni what succinct advice they could offer to new Core students as strategies for success in CC101.

Here are some highlights:

Beware the man whose trireme or codpiece is more impressive than yours.
~ Jonah Blustain (Core 2007, CAS 2009)
[of course referring to Prof. Samons’ infamous trireme lecture!]

Speak your mind, and welcome being challenged.
~ John James McCargar (Core 2009, CAS 2011)

Don’t be afraid of the Core writing tutors! They’re not scary and they won’t judge you.
~ Elizabeth Yvette Ramirez (Core 2010, CAS 2012)

Get yourselves to class and stay engaged. One day you’ll tell people you heard so and so live in YOUR lecture, so make the most of every one. Talk to the professors. Ask questions. Wrestle with ideas. For these brief years you get to sit at the feet and glean wisdom from some amazing minds – cherish this chance.
~ Jennifer Ahl (Core 2002, CAS 2004)

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