Alumni Profiles: Danielle Isaacs

(Core ’07 CAS ’09)

Danielle in 2013.

  • Years at Boston University: 4 years.
  • Current location: Washington DC.
  • Company and Title: Fine Art Specialist at Weschler’s Auctioneers and Appraisers
  • Recent activities: Danielle writes:

I completed my MA in fine and decorative art at the Sotheby’s Institute in London in 2011. I organized a sale of vintage film posters at Weschler’s from the collection of the law firm Dewey and LeBoeuf to much success in March 2013.

Danielle with her fellow Core Polytropos winners!

  • Benefits of the Core: Danielle writes:

I try to utilize a lot of my experiences from the Core in my daily routine. Aside from trying to find humor in the mundane, the thirst for knowledge given to me is never ending. I try to research each painting I place for sale to the full extent, so I can create a story around it, which usually helps with the selling part! Also, all the bits of historical facts I was taught by the Core professors have surprisingly helped with my art history education! I’m also able to identify a trireme in a classical painting, much to the shock of my colleagues!

  • Hobbies or interests that started at the Core and have continued to become life-long interests: Danielle writes:

I am still very much a cinephile!

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