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Postcards to the Core Round-Up

Here at the Core office, we’ve gotten quite a few postcards over the year from alumni, current students, and faculty alike. Any visitor to CAS 119 will say that our wall (and, recently, the conference room door) is one of the most eye-catching aspects of the office. And after all, we do love living vicariously […]

Postcards to the Core: from Rome, Summer 2017

Another postcard has flown to us from overseas. It comes from Core alum and current senior Gregory Kerr, who writes to us from Rome, Italy. He says: Hello Core, Greeting from Rome! I’m taking a vacation following my completion of a summer project I’d only have done because of my experience with Core. (If it […]

(More) Postcards to the Core: from Greece, Summer 2017

Three (!!!) more postcards have arrived in the mail, this time from our friends studying abroad in the Summer Study in Greece program. All of them are addressed to our own Prof. Stephanie Nelson, whose contributions to the program have greatly impacted the trio of the students. Dear Prof. Nelson, Thank you so much for […]

Postcards to the Core: from Meadville, August 2017

We were thrilled to receive a postcard from Core alumna Suzyn-Elayne Soler this month! It comes to us all the way from Meadville, Pennsylvania. She writes: Dear Core, Greeetings from Meadville, PA! I recently began work in admissions and have been tapped to help with the new honors program. I hope to draw from Core […]

Postcards to the Core: from Athens, July 2017

Exciting news: We have received word back from two of our students studying abroad in Athens! This postcard comes to us from recent Core alums Kassandra Round and Anto Rondon, whose stay in Greece has been particularly fruitful. See for yourself: 07/18/2017 Dear Core Curriculum, We wanted to send this postcard because we have been […]

Postcards to the Core: from Israel, June 2017

We’re excited to hear back from Core alum and recently graduated Yanni Metaxas, who hand-delivered a postcard directly to the Core Office after spending some time in Israel. Here’s what one of this year’s Polytropos winners had to say: June 2017 Dear Core Office, Greetings from Israel! And from the tomb of Christ 🙂 Here’s […]

Postcards to the Core: from New Zealand, June 2017

We were delighted to receive word from Caroline, who is following-up from a successful first year at BU by spending her summer breaking doing political campaign work in New Zealand. She writes: Kia Ora (in Maori, hello, and good health!) from New Zealand! Just figured I would send some love from the Southern Hemisphere, where […]

Postcards to the Core: from England, April 2017

We were delighted to receive a postcard from Core alumna Abby Petersen! She writes to us from London, England, where she is studying abroad at present. Here’s what she has to say: 4/1/17 Dear Core Office, Top of the morning to you! After a few years spent with all of our discussions and lessons about […]

Postcards to the Core: from Amherst, Sept. 2016

We have just received word back from recent Core/BU alum Justin Lievano (CAS ’16). He sends us his regards from the Dickinson house in Amherst, to which he made a pilgrimage. He writes: 16 Sept. 2016 Dear Core, Good news! I have secured a position with a florist in Greenwich, CT. (McArdle’s if you’re curious) […]

Postcards to the Core from London

And here’s another from our summer postcard crop. This one comes to CAS 119 from London, where Giselle Boustani spent some guide times during her long break. She writes: To my Core family! Here is the “Toilet of Venus” by Velázquez, which we, of course, studied about a year and a half ago. During my stay in […]