Postcards to the Core Round-Up


Here at the Core office, we’ve gotten quite a few postcards over the year from alumni, current students, and faculty alike. Any visitor to CAS 119 will say that our wall (and, recently, the conference room door) is one of the most eye-catching aspects of the office. And after all, we do love living vicariously through our Core friends and family while we toil away back here in Boston. And now, after receiving a goodly amount of mail this summer, we figured a postcard round-up was in order.

Take a look at some highlights from over the years:


Are you abroad (or home) and curious about getting in touch with Core and sharing news of your travels or general goings-on? Our address is easy: Core Curriculum, Boston University, Boston MA 02215.Feel free to send us a card and tell us of your travels.

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