Postcards to the Core: from England, April 2017


We were delighted to receive a postcard from Core alumna Abby Petersen! She writes to us from London, England, where she is studying abroad at present. Here’s what she has to say:



Dear Core Office,
Top of the morning to you!

After a few years spent with all of our discussions and lessons about journeys… I’m now on one (and am also that person in the park with a stack of books–Do you think English swans would follow the Hoopoe?)

Much love and thank you for all of the wonderful (rainy and snowy) afternoons–they’ve made so much difference .

Abby Petersen

* Core loves postcards. Whether you’re at home or abroad now, we’d love to get one from you. Our address is easy: Core Curriculum, Boston University, Boston MA 02215.

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