Fun Fact for Saturday

All of us at the Core office have our little thing that is just sooooo annoying we can’t even stand it. For some of us, it’s the inherent sexism behind a guy holding a door open for a girl; for some it’s using who instead of whom, and for some it’s someone not having read The Iliad. To Dr. George Walken, the annoyance is a little more wide-spread. In a new paper, Walken claims that the translation of the first word of “Beowulf”, frequently translated as an exclamation like “Listen!” or “Indeed!” or “Attend” should instead be understood as: “How we have heard of the might of the kings” as this article states.
Perhaps previous translators should have perhaps considered the translation of that first word within the context of the rest of the sentence.
But anyway! enjoy your Saturday.

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