Reviewing the Old Testament

Ridley Scott is known for creating epic films. Gladiator, Blade Runner, Alien. His films leave the viewers exhausted after dragging them through hours of emotional barbed wire. Try watching Rutger Hauer’s death without feeling empty inside. You, like him, will die, and everything will be lost. It’s very sad.
Thank goodness Scott’s new project won’t be so….Oh wait. The story of Moses? We’ll get the tissues.
This seems like a big project too. Just look at some rumors about the cast list in this short article. Christian Bale? John Turtorro. As the article says, that’s a pretty white cast for a movie set in Egypt. Ah well; we’re getting used to racial inaccuracies in cinema. It happens. We suppose all you can do in the end is listen to Prince of Egypt songs. Not so bad really.
Here’s one
and here
and in case you haven’t cried in a while

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