Dante For Kids

Recently, someone had the idea that if Dante’s description of an eternal blazing netherworld were reprinted in comic sans, alongside understandably disturbing yet cartoonish illustrations, it might be more accessible to children. Consequently, a series of picture books based on Dante’s Divine Comedy, titled “Dante for Fun”, was published. Originally in Italian, the books simplify each of the three installments in the epic poem (one per book) for young readers.


From reading this review–and simply from viewing sample pages of the books–“Dante for Fun” doesn’t quite seem fitting for a child. Then again, this is exactly the creepy, back-of-the-library kind of book that I remember being secretly captivated by as a kid.

What do you think of these picture books? Are you or a young’un you know enthralled by images of diviners with their heads on the wrong way, crying into their butt cracks? Let us know in the comments.

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