Postcards to the Core: From London, Fall 2014



Frances Gossen — stalwart Core office staffer, campus lit mag editor, and all-around positive personality — is currently immersed in her study abroad program in London. However, she’s gladfully finding time to travel, and took time out of her gallivanting to send us a briefkaart from Amsterdam. An excerpt:

Hello from Amsterdam (technically London, but life has been a bit hectic)! I don’t think I could describe how exciting and new everything is here even with ten postcards, so you must be assured that whatever I write encapsulates only half of what I feel. Monday, I was privileged enough to see a play, My Perfect Mind, a modernization of King Lear connecting the madness and rejection of Lear’s final days with an actor’s life after a stroke. It was a wonderfully energetic and heartrending play; hopefully my life here will consist of many more.

The news in London is all of the Scottish Referendum; the British have a strange way of viewing their colonies, if one could consider Scotland a colony. There’s a sense of pride there, it seems, that leads them to be sensitive. I have to say, I’m more interested in the elaborately beautiful, hundreds of years old edition of the King James Bible I saw today at Hampton Court. Along with every other part of Hampton Court, especially the gardens.

Best, Frances


Core loves postcards. If every you’re abroad, don’t worry about the address: “Core Curriculum, Boston University, Boston MA 02215” will in most cases get to us.


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