What Core prof was on the radio to talk Xmas carols?


Over at SoundCloud, the good folks of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation have posted an audio interview with one of their hosts asking a certain familiar Core personality all about a certain familiar holiday song… can you guess who it was? Can you guess what song? Give up? It’s Professor Hamill! It’s “Jingle Bells”! Minds are blown!

Earlier this month, Prof. Hamill — who in addition to teaching humanities at BU is a key member of the Medford Historical Society — was a call-in guest, talking to the CBC’s Chris walker about the strange history of the song “Jingle Bells” — a song never intended, by its creators, to be associated with the Christmas holiday; a song with roots in a pub in New England and a church in Savannah; a song that, believe it or not, has even been to outer space. (Professor Marscher, do you know anything about this?)

Happy listening, Core-kateers.

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