Uber reviews for Charon, boatman of Hades

The taxi service Uber is taking Boston by force. With its mixed reviews in the media, riders wonder about their drivers as well as what services are offered outside Beantown. Lucky for us at the Core office, Professor Hamill left a copy of the New Yorker open to an article providing Uber  reviews for Charon, boatman of Hades, who offers rides to anyone seeking cheap cab fare across the River Styx.

His services were met with mixed reviews: one rider complained about Charon’s refusal to play Beyoncé, and another rider was frustrated about his being wrapped in shadows and stabbed with a thousand blunt daggers upon attempting to delete the Uber app from his phone. Another rider appreciated Charon’s acceptance of different forms of payment, including ancient drachmas, babies’ blood, and Chase QuickPay.

What do you think, Core-ites? Has Charon become more or less accommodating since Virgil described him all those years ago?

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