Priceless statues now open to the public

Since the 1960s, anaristocratic, Italian familyhas kept hundredsof ancient Greek and Roman statues hiddenfrom the public eye.After many failed attempts in opening a private museum, the Torlonia family finally started negotiations with the Italian government. Now about 60-90 pieces will start traveling the worldin places such as the rest of Europe and America.


This statue of Odysseus fleeing the Cyclops’ cave is included in the marvelous collection.

The familyowns around 2,000-3,000 pieces all housed in their many palaces. Giovanni Torlonia started the collection in 1810 when pieces were dug up onhisestates including the area around the modern day Leonardo da Vinci airport. Art historian Salvatore Settis is amazed by the collection and sees the importance of opening it to the public:

I think that even in such a rich context as Rome, the Torlonia collection you could think of it as a very important museum of a minor European capital. Many European countries dont have such a large collection of antiquities in the main museum of their capital, this gives you an idea.

Should this collection have one home in a museum in Rome after its tour or continuously travel the world as the Torlonia familywants to do? There are so many priceless statues that represent aninnovativetime periodin artand not even all of them will be displayed. The ones available should definitely be on your bucket list of things to seein 2017.


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