Postcards to the Core: From Athens, June 2016


Our latest postcard comes to CAS 119 courtesy of the Hellenic Post, straight from Athens Greece. It was sent by Marguerite McHale (Core ’11, CAS ’13), a Polytropos winner and former office staffer. She writes:

backHello Prof. Nelson and the rest of the Core!

Hope you’re all doing splendidly. I’m enjoying Athens very much. It’s very hot this time of year, but the shade is cool, and so is the wine.

I thought a lot about the Core as I walked around the Acropolis and the ancient agora. My next steps include the island sanctuary Samothraki and then Crete. Plenty of beach there!

Wishing you all well!

Marguerite McHale

PS: Say hi to everyone!!

Well, here it is:



Marguerite has just finished her MA in anthropology at the Harvard Extension School, and is living in Somerville for a few months while preparing for a research trip to Kenya. Connect with her online here.


Core loves postcards. Whether you’re at home or abroad now, we’d love to get one from you. Our address is easy: Core Curriculum, Boston University, Boston MA 02215.

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