Postcards to the Core: From Italy, July 2016


Our latest postcard has flown into Core from peninsular Italy, specifically the  ancient walled city of Urbino. It was sent by Prof. Gabrielle Sims, who as an Italianist writing from Italy unsurprisingly opened her note with an Italian greeting:

backCari tutti nel Core [“Dear everyone in Core”],

I write to you from the former Duchy or Urbino, birthplace of Raffaello and site of one of the most vibrant Renaissance courts (under Federico da Montefeltro and Battista Sforza, 1444-1482).

Happy Independence Day! I’ll bet you’re doubly glad to be celebrating your independence from Britain THIS year, eh?

With affection & wine, love to my people of the Core!



Core loves postcards. Whether you’re at home or abroad now, we’d love to get one from you. Our address is easy: Core Curriculum, Boston University, Boston MA 02215.

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