Weekly Round-Up, 7-22-17

Scholars? Is that you? Sorry, we can’t see so well in this blinding sun that has been so persistent this week. Not that we’re complaining (actually, we are; we are book-dwellers who screech when exposed to the light of the sun). Anyway, here are the weekly links.

  • Shakespeare on the Common takes place on the Boston Common through August 6. This year’s performance (which is free to attend!) is Romeo and Juliet, put on by the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company.
  • Did you know that John Milton’s Paradise Lost was once translated onto toilet paper by Yugoslav communist politician Milovan Djilas during his nine-year imprisonment? This act as well as a number of attempts to censor the work around the world point to the little-known political side toParadise Lost.
  • Michelangelo vs. Raphael: A Renaissance artistic rivalry for the ages. Seems Michelangelo was more than a little peeved at the youthful upstart. Raphael, meanwhile, responded in the only way artists know how.
A moody Michelangelo, by Raphael in his work School of Athens. (via Artnet)

A moody Michelangelo, by Raphael in his work The School of Athens. (via Artnet)

Have you had your fill of weekly knowledge? Come back next weekend for another dose of Core-related insights.

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