Opinion: Go Get That B

I dare you to get a B in this class.

That’s what Adam Grant is telling straight-A students. Pushing back against the “cult of perfectionism” cultivated around education, Grant claims that students who aim for perfect transcripts often avoid taking risks, miss opportunities for failure and growth, and neglect emotional and social growth.Advisors and parents warn them not to jeopardize their prospects for no reason- why struggle with Latin conjugations or the Twin Paradox if it’s unrelated to your major and will tank your GPA?

But grades cannot measure creativity, leadership, or emotional intelligence. We here at Core pride ourselves on the academic successes of our students, but we’re also proud of their creativity, humor, and the community they have built (and we certainly wouldn’t kick anyone out for getting a B in a class that tackles philosophy and physics all in one).Go forth, you risk-takers,and go get that B!

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