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On Education and a New Semester

As we welcome students from break and from Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we offer some timely thoughts from the Boston University alum. In his paper “The Purpose of Education,” King argues for education that extends beyond logic into an more enlightened education of the soul. While education must help people achieve their goals, he […]

Opinion: Go Get That B

I dare you to get a B in this class. That’s what Adam Grant is telling straight-A students. Pushing back against the “cult of perfectionism” cultivated around education, Grant claims that students who aim for perfect transcripts often avoid taking risks, miss opportunities for failure and growth, and neglect emotional and social growth.Advisors and parents […]

Second-year Open House for Core Freshmen

During the second, third, and fourth weeks of November, instructors in the Core Humanities and Social Sciences are inviting you to attend their second-year lectures and seminars. Attend as many classes and lectures as you’re interested in, and feel free to participate, but to avoid any disruption, please commit yourselves to staying for the entire […]