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Pre-reg advising for Core students

Pre-reg advising sessions are available for undeclared students in Core courses who would like to talk over requirements, degree concentrations, and other questions with a Core faculty member before they meet their CAS staff advisor and receive a registration code. Although each faculty member has an academic specialization — and you’re welcome to come to […]

Core Advising

As we move into the registration period for first-year students, it bears repeating that the Core faculty are happy to offer advising help,  especially if you have questions about how the second semester of Core fits into your  larger academic goals. We’d be glad to talk about what you can expect in the second  semester, […]

Second-year Open House for Core Freshmen

During the second, third, and fourth weeks of November, instructors in the Core Humanities and Social Sciences are inviting you to attend their second-year lectures and seminars. Attend as many classes and lectures as you’re interested in, and feel free to participate, but to avoid any disruption, please commit yourselves to staying for the entire […]