Second-year Open House for Core Freshmen

During the second, third, and fourth weeks of November, instructors in the Core Humanities and Social Sciences are inviting you to attend their second-year lectures and seminars. Attend as many classes and lectures as you’re interested in, and feel free to participate, but to avoid any disruption, please commit yourselves to staying for the entire period. We hope you enjoy the experience!

CC201: The Renaissance (Humanities III)
Lectures, Tuesdays 12:30-2 in CAS 522:

  • 11/9, William Carroll on Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Prof. Carroll is the chair of BU’s English Department, and the author or editor of numerous publications on Shakespeare including the Arden edition of The Two Gentlemen of Verona.
  • 11/16, Brian Jorgensen on Shakespeare’s Sonnets. Prof. Jorgensen is the former director of the Core Curriculum, an authority on the English poet Edmund Spenser, and a noted blues musician.
  • 11/23, Sir Christopher Ricks on Milton’s Paradise Lost. Prof. Ricks, a co-director of BU’s Editorial Institute, is one of the major literary critics of our time. He is the former Professor of Poetry at Oxford University and the author or editor of books on Milton, Keats, Tennyson, Arnold, Eliot, Beckett, and Bob Dylan.


  • CC201 B1; Formichelli; STH B20; TR 11-12:30
  • CC201 B2; Hamill; SED 307; MWF 12-1
  • CC201 B3; Tabatabai; CAS 212; MWF 1-2
  • CC201 B4; Green; CAS 220; MWF 2-3
  • CC201 B5; Redford; STH 318; TR 2-3:30
  • CC201 B8; Formichelli; CAS 119; TR 3:30-5
  • CC201 HS; Wylie; CAS 119; TR 11-12:30

CC203: Foundations of the Social Sciences (Social Sciences I)
Lectures, Thursdays 12:30-2 in CAS 522:

  • 11/11, Stephen Kalberg on Weber’s The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. Prof. Kalberg teaches in BU’s Department of Sociology and is an authority on the writings of Max Weber. He is the author, editor, or translator of numerous books on Weber, including the edition of The Protestant Ethic used in CC203.
  • 11/18, David Swartz on Durkheim’s Suicide. Prof. Swartz teaches in BU’s Department of Sociology and is an authority on the political sociology of Pierre Bourdieu. He is the author or editor of numerous publications on Bourdieu.


  • CC203 B1; Sullivan; CAS 203; MWF 10-11
  • CC203 B3; Sullivan; CAS 212; MWF 11-12
  • CC203 B4; Nelson; CAS 237; MWF 12-1
  • CC203 B5; Westling; CAS 218; MWF 1-2
  • CC203 B6; Lockwood; CAS 235; TR 2-3:30
  • CC203 B7; Lockwood; CAS 332; TR 3:30-5
  • CC203 HS; Swartz; CAS 119; TR 2-3:30

If you have questions about the second-year in the Core, stop by CAS 119 to speak with the Core office staff or to meet with Prof. Eckel. Or, email your question.

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