Congratulations to the 2019 Polytropos award winners!

A big round of applause to our seniors for their dedication to the Core Community. The award is given both in recognition of what a student has accomplished and in expectation of what he or she will accomplish, and in gratitude for ongoing mindfulness of the Core Curriculum. The word polytropos, is the first adjective applied by Homer to the hero of his Odyssey. The declaration of the award reads as follows:

In both recognition and expectation the faculty of the Core Curriculum honors the Odyssean virtues of this their graduating student. Recognizing that, throughout the junior and senior years at Boston University, it has been his or hers mindfully and resourcefully to venture, to see, to answer, and, with all these, courageously to remember and return; expecting in future years the continuation of these actions; expecting that, whether cyclopes dwell faroff or in many offices, whether Poseidon be calmed or much reamplified, yet the gray-eyed one will not long be absent from her or him; recognizing and expecting these things, the faculty hereby bestows the high honorific cognomen of Polytropos.

Congratulations to our 2019 winners: Lee-Or Bentovim, Caroline Louise Brantley, Madison Maeli Crosby, Francis J. DiMento III, Jonathan Yifeng Han, Reed Charles Kimzey, Matthew Lewis Moon, Mara Antonieta Rondn Anzola, Kassandra Jean Round, Ata Sunucu, and Kaci Xiaodian Kealohamakamae Tavares.


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