Kendi on antiracism

You may have read at BU Today that Ibram X. Kendi, a scholar of racism, has been recruited to join the BU faculty and to launch a BU Center for Antiracist Research. Last week, Dr. Kendi was interviewed by TED’s current affairs curator Whitney Pennington Rodgers and speaker development curator Cloe Shasha. In their conversation, which addresses the difference between between being “not racist” and antiracist, Dr. Kendi defines the transformative concept of antiracism to help us more clearly recognize, take responsibility for and reject prejudices in our public policies, workplaces and personal beliefs. A video of the virtual talk appears below; you can also find it here on the TED website.


A website for the Antiracist Center has been already been created; find it here. You can sign up for their newsletter on the homepage.

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