Akkadian Dogs

EYNhuWuWsAA51VpOur first-year students are beginning with the beginning in this first week of the Fall 2020 semester, by reading the oldest book we have written copies of — the Epic of Gilgamesh. In keeping with the Mesopotamian moment, let us share these marvelous little clay dog figurines from the 7th century BCE. We spotted this image on the Twitter feed of Dr. Moudhy Al-Rashid, an Assyriologist, historian of science and post-doctoral researcher at Wolfson College at Oxford.She explains that these were found in a palace at Nineveh, Iraq. The Akkadian cuneiform inscriptions on the pieces give the dogs’ names:

  • dan rigiu loud is his bark
  • munaiku gāru biter of his foe
  • muēṣi lemnūti expeller of evil

Possible new names for the BU terrier mascot?

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