Core Alumna Hollis-Brusky on Justice Barrett

The astute scholarly work of our alumna Amanda Hollis-Brusky was quoted in this new New Yorker piece about Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett and the Christian legal movement. An excerpt from the article that pertains to Hollis-Brusky is quoted below and linked is the New Yorker article and Hollis-Brusky’s most recent book, “Ideas With Consequences,” which discusses the American Federalist Society.

“Amanda Hollis-Brusky, a political scientist at Pomona College who has written two books on the conservative legal movement, told me that the views underpinning common-good constitutionalism are quite prominent at Blackstone, adding, The tensions between natural-law originalists and libertarian originalists are already present in the Federalist Society, and Barrett sits at the crossroads of both of these factions. Moreover, as a conservative Catholic, Barrett has been steeped in natural-law teachingsamong them, that contraception and same-sex relations are unnatural and therefore immoral” (New Yorker).

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