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E-bulletin for week of 9/4/2011

To new and returning students — welcome to the fall semester! Lectures this week: CC101: Brian Jorgensen on Gilgamesh (9/6) CC105, Tuesday: James Jackson on why science matters (9/6) CC105, Thursday: James Jackson on the Copernican Revolution (9/8) CC201: William Kennedy (Cornell University) on Petrarch; and Christopher Ricks on two sonnets of Shakespeare (9/6) CC203: […]

Core E-Bulletin for Tuesday April 5, 2011

Core Lectures this week: CC102: Professor Lenk on the Gospel of John 4/5 CC106: Professor Warkentin on How does the environment impact the organism? 4/5 CC106: professor Finnerty on How do relationships among organisms evolve? 4/7 CC202: Hallie Speight on Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment 4/5 CC204: Professor Corgan on Inequality in International Relations 4/7 _ […]

E-bulletin for Monday, March 28, 2011

Lectures This Week CC102: David Frankfurter on the Gospel of Matthew 3/29 CC106: Nathan Phillips asking, How do organisms affect the “abiotic” environment”? 3/29 CC106: Midterm II 3/31 CC202: Maurice Lee on Dickinson and Thoreau 3/29 CC204: David Swartz on educational inequality (“Merit and Elite College Admissions”) 3/31 Note: April 1 is the last day to […]

E-bulletin for Monday, March 7, 2011

Lectures This Week CC102: Stephanie Nelson on Virgil’s Aeneid 3/8 CC106: Karen Warkentin on the consequences of sex 3/8 CC106: Karen Warkentin on the diversity of sex 3/10 CC202: Lynn Festa on Austen’s Pride and Prejudice 3/8 CC204: Eric Kolaczyk on uses & abuses of ability measures 3/10 Tonight! Get a head start on Dante! […]

E-bulletin for Monday, February 28, 2011

Lectures This Week CC102: Jay Samons on Roman History 3/1 CC106: Alex Coverdill on development’s relationships to complexity and diversity 3/1 CC106: Karen Warkentin on on the puzzle of sexual reproduction 3/3 CC202: Christopher Ricks on the poetry of the English Romantics 3/1 CC204: Eric Kolaczyk on measurement 3/3 Class Notes CC102: The MFA guide […]

E-bulletin for Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lectures This Week CC102: David Eckel on The Life of the Buddha 2/24 CC106: Alex Coverdill asks, What is a cell? 2/24 CC202: no lecture this week CC204: Maureen Sullivan on Gender Inequality (II): “Empirical Demonstration  in the US” 2/24 Class Notes All classes. February 22 is the LAST DAY TO DROP A COURSE WITHOUT EARNING […]

E-bulletin for Monday, February 14, 2011

Lectures This Week CC102: Emily Hudson on The Bhagavad Gita 2/15 CC106: Integrating Forum 1: Passing verdicts on genetic engineering 2/15 CC106: Midterm Exam #1 2/17 CC202: Elizabeth Seitz on Beethoven 2/15 CC204: Maureen Sullivan on Gender Inequality (I): “Theories and Origin Stories” 2/17 Class Notes CC102. The MFA guide is now available online as […]

Core bulletin for February 7, 2011

Lectures this week: CC102: Prof. Michael on Lao Tzu and the Tao Te Ching (2/8) CC106: Prof. Mohr on, How does diversity arise at the DNA level? (2/8) CC106: Prof. Mohr on DNA diversity impacting the functional diversity of proteins (2/10) CC202: Prof. Schwartz on Goethe’s Faust (2/8) CC204: Prof. Stone on racial inequality in […]

Core bulletin for January 31, 2011

Core Lectures this week: CC102: Professor Denecke on Confucius 2/1 CC106: Professor Hudon on “How has biodiversity changed over the ages?” 2/1 CC106: Professor Finnerty on “What is a gene and how are genes organized in genomes?” 2/3 CC202: Professor Wates on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 2/1 CC202: Professor Lockwood on African American Inequality – The […]

Core bulletin for January 24, 2011

Welcome back everyone! See below for the lecture schedule, upcoming activities, and other fun things in Core this Spring. Core Lectures this week: CC101: Professor Bronstein on Aristotle II 1/25 CC106: Professor Mohr on “From a chemical perspective, what is life all about?” 1/25 CC106: Professor Hudon on “How do we read the fossil record?” […]