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Because it is Wrong

Frequent Core lecturer and former Core seminar leader Gregory Fried has co-authored a new book, Because it is Wrong: Torture, Privacy and Presidential Power in the Age of Terror , in collaboration with his father, Charles Fried.  Harper’s magazine recently posed 6 questions to them, probing into the reasons behind the points made in the […]

From a CC101 debate on democracy

The problem with storytelling is that it appeals to the desirous part of the soul and not the rational — that’s why Socrates has such a problem with it. So, my question is: Would it be just to ban Sophocles and his plays in the city of Athens, when they clearly show a deep understanding […]

Professor Abigail Gillman publishes “Viennese Jewish Modernism”

In her recently published new book, Viennese Jewish Modernism, Professor Abigail Gillman — associate professor of Hebrew and German, and instructor in the Core Humanities — takes a novel approach to exploring Jewish Modernism that goes beyond identity as Jewish or non-Jewish. Instead, Prof. Gillman focuses on the works of Sigmund Freud, Hugo Von Hofmannsthal, […]

A new paper from Prof. Kyna Hamill

Prof. Kyna Hamill, whose area of scholarly focus is the early Italian commedia dell’arte, has published a paper in a special issue of Theatre Symposium focusing on stage props. In her paper, titled “A Cannonade of Weapons: Signs of Transgression in the Early Commedia dell’arte,” Prof. Hamill explores the dramatic and symbolic role of weapons […]

Prof. Hudon’s guide to the cosmos

The light from Andromeda that is received by your eyes tonight left the galaxy well before humans were still relying on rock walls to be their art galleries. – Daniel Hudon, Bluffer’s Guide to the Cosmos Prof. Hudon, one of the able instructors in the Core Natural Sciences, is the author of Bluffer’s Guide to […]