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Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There!

The Core Curriculum offers CC102-related intellectual stickers advocating what Buddha would say to Arjuna: Everyone interested can email core@bu.edu or Tweet to Prof. Eckel @taoofcore, to request their own sticker and the Core will mail it to them!

Tea with two Zen masters

During his introduction this morning of Prof. Elizabeth ten Grotenhuis before her lecture to the students of CC102 on the arts of Asia, Prof. Eckel made reference to The Long Search, a famous 1977 BBC series on the religious philosophies of the world. Specifically, he mentioned the scene in Volume 9 (“Japan: The Land of […]

Analects of the Core: Asvaghosa on dharma and leaving home

When he had flown to the sky like a bird, That foremost of men was thrilled and amazed; then, perceiving that emblem of dharma, he set his mind on how he might leave home. -The Life of Buddha by Asvaghosa, translated by Patrick Olivelle, being studied this spring semester for the first time in the […]