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Core e-bulletin for November 29, 2010

Core Lectures this week: CC101: Professor Hall on Plato and a Math Education 11/30 CC101: Professor Hall on Proofs 12/2 (note second lecture this week! In Tsai from 9:30-11) CC105: Professor Faul on Plate Tectonics 11/30 CC105: Professor Faul on The Earth’s Oceans 12/2 CC201: Professor Zell on Rembrandt van Rijn 11/30 CC203: Professor Shipton […]

Core e-bulletin for November 22, 2010

Core E-Bulletin for Monday, November 22, 2010 Core Lectures this week: CC101: Professor Fried on Plato’s Republic part II 11/23 CC105: Professor Faul on The Early History of the Earth and the Moon 11/23 CC201: Professor Ricks on Milton’s Paradise Lost 11/23 CC203: No Lecture: Happy Thanksgiving! Fall Recess: Wednesday November 25th to Sunday, November […]

Core e-bulletin for November 15, 2010

Core Lectures this week CC101: Professor Roochnik on Plato’s Republic part I 11/16 CC105: Professor Marscher on “Evolution of Planets & Moons” 11/16 CC105: Professor Jackson on “Other Worlds and Life” 11/18 CC201: Professor Jorgenson on Shakespeare’s Sonnets 11/16 CC203: Professor Swartz on “The Individual & Society” 11/18 CC101 MFA Tours this week! All CC101 […]

Core e-bulletin for October 12, 2010

NB: The University is following a Monday schedule today following yesterday’s holiday, so there are no Tuesday lectures this week. Upcoming Core Lectures CC105: Professor Jackson on Quantum Mechanics II: Probability 10/14 CC203: Professor Swartz on Social Forces: The Invisible Hand 10/14 Activities Join Core faculty on Fridays in September and October for fun walking […]

Core e-bulletin for October 4, 2010

Upcoming Core Lectures CC101: Professor  Scully on the Culture and Religion of Ancient Greece 10/5 CC105: Professor Carey on Nuclei and Radioactivity 10/5 CC105: Professor Jackson on Quantum Mechanics I: Wave/Particle Duality 10/7 CC201: Professor Coelho on Claudio Monteverdi 10/5 CC203: Professor Shipman on The Social Contract 10/7 Activities This evening! Tonight, Monday, October 4, […]

Core e-bulletin for September 20, 2010

Upcoming Core Lectures CC101: Professor Gillman on Genesis II 9/21 CC105: Professor Whitaker on Waves 9/21 CC105: Professor Whitaker on Light 9/23 CC201: MFA Curator Frederick Ilchman on Michelangelo Buonarroti 9/21 CC203: Professor Richard Tuck (Harvard University) on States of Nature and Political Order 9/23 Announcements For CC101 students: The MFA audio and print guide […]

Core e-bulletin for September 13, 2010

Upcoming Core Lectures CC101: Professor Zank on Genesis 9/14 CC105: Professor Marscher on Motions in the Sky 9/14 CC105: Integrating Forum #1: Is the World Deterministic? 9/16 CC201: Professor Corgan on Machiavelli’s The Prince 9/14 CC203: Professor Barfield on “The Desert & The Town” – Comparative Sociology 9/16 Get connected with Core! Check out our […]

Core e-bulletin for September 7, 2010

Welcome to The Core Curriculum weekly e-bulletin, announcing upcoming lectures, activities and happenings in the Core. This email will usually be sent out every Monday, so look for it in your inbox and mark your calendars for some great upcoming events this semester. Upcoming Core Lectures: CC101: Professor Jorgensen on Gilgamesh 9/7 CC105: Professor Jackson […]