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Samons Lunchtime talk: cancelled

Due to an emergency which has forced Prof. Jay Samons to cancel his campus obligations today, today’s promised Lunch Box Talk on the topic of democracy is also canceled. Prof. Formichelli, the series organizer, extends her regrets to those of you this news disappoints. If another Lunch Box Talk session is scheduled before the end […]

Formichelli introducing Corgan on Machiavelli

Last Tuesday, Prof. Michael Corgan delivered a lecture to the students of CC201: The Renaissance, on the topic of The Prince by Machiavelli. To provide context for his lecture in the intellectual arc of the course, Prof. Jennifer Formichelli introduced Prof. Corgan with the following remarks. Last week Professor Ricks made a salient distinction between […]

Core poetry reading this week

All members of the Core community are invited to attend “Poetry’s Closer Contact,” a reading of poems across the ages by friends and faculty of the Core Curriculum. The readers in this year’s line-up, as arranged by Prof. Formichelli, are: Zachary Bos Alex Effgen Jennifer Formichelli Daniel Hudon George Kalogeris Marcia Karp Stephanie Nelson Christopher […]