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‘Myanmar Awakes’ by David Eckel

David Eckel, Professor and Director of the Core, has released a new piece of work based on his visit to Myanmar in January, 2012. Here is an image from his work: Here is an excerpt from his work: Myanmar lacks the elaborate tourist infrastructure of neighboring Thailand, but it is possible to experience the country […]

Picturing a Core discussion

In May 2011, a photographer visited Prof. Eckel’s CC102 seminar classroom. His pictures capture, vividly, the thrill and pleasure of deep, intellectual engagement that shows in the faces of Prof. Eckel and his students as they discuss Socrates. Photos by Kal Zabarsky (c) BU Photo Services. Click here to see the full set of photos […]

Photos from Core at Walden

Core took a trip to Walden Pond this past Saturday, April 30th. After stopping for lunch at the famous Concord Cheese Shop, the group took a walk around the pond and pondered Thoreau’s literary and philosophical legacy. It was a fine spring day for it. L-R: Nora Spalholz, Julia Sinitsky, Sarah Schneider, Cara Papakyrikos, Prof. […]