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Esposito introducing Bible lecture with Elie Wiesel

This past Tuesday, September 9th, Prof. Michael Zank of the Department of Religion lectured to students in the first-year Humanities about the Hebrew Bible. His talk was introduced with some very moving comments by Prof. Stephen Esposito (Classics), the course coordinator. Prof. Esposito has agreed to let us republish his introduction here on the Core […]

Recollections of Elie Wiesel

Prof. Elie Wiesel has always played a central role in our fall series of lectures for CC101 students, as a scholar, certainly, but also as a representative of a tradition of conscience and wisdom that we are fortunate to benefit from in our community and our world. As I was listening to him speak once […]

Wiesel’s lecture in CC101

A reminder to CC101 students… Prof. Wiesel will give his lecture on Exodus next Monday, September 27th, at 4 PM in the School of Management Auditorium, room 105. This lecture will replace our normal, Tuesday morning lecture. Although  seating for students in CC101 is a priority, all Core students and alumni are welcome to attend […]