Terrier Tip-Off, or the Lack of Blacelets

It’s Trusty Assistant Kat (you may know me from Dean Elmore’s blog), making a cameo over on the FYI Student Blog. You may notice we’ve gone kinda dorment for a while – fret not, we’re just working things out with our academic year crew of student employees.

The real reason I am here on the blog today is to address the “Bracelet Situation.” On Friday evening, the Dean of Students office, along with SAO, Athletics and some others, will host the Terrier Tip-Off. This event is the kickoff for the basketball season, and should be a lot of fun, even for those of us who are 5 foot 1 on a good day and can barely reach their kitchen cupboards, let alone shoot a basketball (present company included.)

Well, the ticket to the event was advertised to be a plastic bracelet – red, with “Terriers” emblazened on it. Kinda of like those Livestrong bracelets, but with lack of Lance Armstrong endorsement. Athletics printed a nice amount of them…

…and we ran out.

Things like this happen. We have several Deans in our office who absolutely adore handing out things, and once you give them an item to hand out, BAM! like Emeril – it’s gone.

So over the past day, we’ve had some pretty disapointed folks making their way up to DOS looking for their bracelet for admission, and we’ve had to turn them away. But just because you don’t have a bracelet doesn’t mean you can’t attend Terrier Tip-Off! If you don’t have a bracelet, fret not – they’ll still let you in the door until they reach capacity at the Roof.

So please attend the Terrier Tip-Off. See Dean Elmore dunk. See MTV dancers. Make new Coach Chambers happy. Send Coach Greenberg some love. It’ll be fun. And maybe you’ll win a prize or giveaway worth 1000 plastic bracelets.

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