Tumblin’ Terriers

Hey there, Terriers and soon-to-be Terriers!

So I, like many of you it would seem, have a Tumblr. I scroll through that site for hours, looking at the random stuff that comes across my ‘dash.’

Anyway, the other day I decided, being a devoted Boston University Terrier who is, ya know, obsessed with all things BU, to poke my head into the “Boston University” tag on Tumblr.


(For those of you un-versed in the world of Tumblr, a tag is a way to track a specific thing that people are posting about – like a #hashtag on Twitter.) The BU tag was blowing up! So many new Terriers were poking their heads in to express the same excitement I remember feeling when I got my acceptance in my inbox four years ago. (For the record, when I found out I was in, it was 12:15am. I screamed, almost threw my best friend’s little sister’s laptop into the wall, and then called my mother and woke her up. So, yeah. ‘Excitement’ is the word I’ll go with.) There were also a ton of posts from current Terriers, offering advice or congratulations, or an open ear to their newest schoolmates. It was great! So, we here at BU FYI thought we’d take some time to highlight just a few of those people and answer questions, or offer our own congratulations. Let’s go to the board:


CONGRATS AND WELCOME! We’re pumped that you’re pumped! Welcome to the Terrier community. If you want more information about financial aid, you should take a glance at the Financial Assistance website.


If you’re a freshman, the University prefers that you live in dormitory style housing, which would include a meal plan. However, the good news is that there are TONS of different options when it comes to choosing a meal plan that best suits you and your appetite! You can find out more about that right here. Oh, and South Campus is – in my personal opinion – fantastic. But, I also loved living in a large style dorm as a freshman. I thought it was a great way to meet people. However, some people do prefer South, and I know plenty of people who lived there during their freshmen years and still made plenty of friends. It all comes down to personal preference, like a chocolate vs. vanilla type thing.


I gotta say, that is definitely a good-looking acceptance package. Admissions out-did themselves again this year, as usual. I’ve still got my acceptance letter framed at my parent’s house. Welcome to BU!

Also, this blog post is going to serve as our official introduction to the newest member of our BU FYI social media family: the official BU FYI Tumblr! Go check us out. Love us. Follow us! Throw things in our ask box! Love usssss.

Until next time, m’dears!


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