Look who loves the Terriers!

Goooood morning, all you BU-tiful people. Hope everyone’s been enjoying the fantastic summer weather. If the heat gets to be too much for you, I personally recommend enjoying some A/C while taking in a summer movie. And, if you were to head to theaters this weekend, and check out, oh, let’s say that new Adam Sandler movie, Grown Ups, you might spot the face of our much-beloved mascot: good ol’ Rhett.


The folks from the BU Athletics Department sent a photo over this morning. Looks like someone’s been shopping at the BU Barnes & Noble

In other news, my fellow blogger, Kedzie, has been slaving away in our back room over his first video blog entry…so look for that sometime in the next few days. But if you just love us too much to wait, you can always hit us up on our new Twitter! Tweet us your questions, comments, ideas for blog topics, photos from around campus, marriage proposals, etc.

We’ve been planning tons of exciting things for you guys, so keep your eyes peeled and your ears open.

Until next time, you BU-tiful people.


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