Boston’s Best Of… “Chocolate Shakes!”

Hey Terriers!

The summer sun is really packing a punch these days, so my first few “Best of Boston” posts are going to follow a refreshing theme: How to beat that dreadful heat.

Our first stop for Boston’s bests comes from a Twitter suggestion sent from BU student, Valentina Monte. She told BU FYI that the “Chocolate Frappe” from UBurger is the best example of a chocolate shake in Beantown. After a quick survey and a sample of my own, Valentina, you are so very correct.

Omnomnom. So cold. So good.

Omnomnom. So cold. So good.

With two locations on BU’s campus, UBurger is an easily accessible treat for any Terrier looking for a bite. For those of you ready to sample the bliss of a chocolate frappe, here are the addresses that you’ll find most convenient:

  1. 636 Beacon St. (right in Kenmore)
  2. 1022 Commonwealth Ave. (across from West Campus)

If anyone disagrees with this blog and knows of a BETTER chocolate shake in Boston, let me know! I’m dying to venture through the city and try new things. Right now I’m in the middle of taking sides in one of the summer’s biggest debates: is Berry Freeze or Berry Line the better FroYo location!?!

As always, be you, BU, and stay cool!


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