SCVNGR Comes Back to Haunt Us!

It’s Joint Blogging Time PART TWO – this time from the men of DOS bringing you a brand new spoOOooky SCVNGR trek just in time for Halloween!

DOS Halloween SCVNGR

With 12 challenges and enough ghosts to scare that entire army from 300, The Ghosts of BU trek will take you for a spin across campus you won’t soon forget. Not only is this weekend Halloween weekend but it’s also Alumni weekend – so we honor our alums that have passed on, and those that maybe just passed through on their way to Hollywood.

If you’re a first time SCVNGR-R (sounds like a good name for it, right?) here’s how it works:

iPhone / Android users: Download the new and improved SCVNGR app, select treks and get trekkin’!

Every other phone: Text “buboo” to 728647.

If you want a little more SCVNGR info, check out our detailed instructions from the last awesome trek. Remember that it’s about who finishes it fastest rather than first!

Our super-awesome prize is hush-hush right now, but you know that must mean it’s going to be a big deal. Like, a really big deal. So put your ear to the rumor mill to find out what it is. You’re resourceful, I know you can do it.

ALSO, make sure you come to the Men’s Hockey game this Saturday at 7pm to participate in the LARGEST Social Check-In EVER.

Love (platonically),

Alex and Benji

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